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Universal Stain Remover Ultra Asorbent Pack Of 3 'Shammy Cloths'

Delta Direct

Universal Stain Remover Ultra Asorbent Pack Of 3 'Shammy Cloths'


The material is 100 percent non-woven viscose so it wipes up like a towel, dries like a chamois, and absorbs liquids like a sponge. Our man made Chamois is created in a special process spun with warm air- making our Synthetic Chamois (Shammy) Cloths super absorbent. Like a leather chamois, they are lint free, strong, and soft. Our Shammy is scratch free on any surface, washable, reusable, and may be cut to any size. They are not made from animal skins so they resist absorption of odors and mildew better than a natural chamois. Our Shammy also stays soft after use and requires no special care other than initial sizing, unlike natural chamois.
Designed for use with Delta De-Luxe / USR which has been specially formulated from the finest ingredients, suitable to deal with even the toughest cleaning jobs around the home, in the garage or the workplace.
Delta De-Luxe / USR is environmentally safe, non abrasive and may be used on any surface, and with it's foam trigger head it reaches the most awkward places to penetrate even the toughest stains.
It releases burnt on fat from ovens and grills, degreases extraction fans, oiled concrete floors, car engines, coach work and machinery.  Brilliant for paintwork, plastics, stubborn marks on floors, kitchen work tops, sink tiles, mirrors, glass, smoke damage, including nicotine.
It's special formulation contains a very refreshing, deodorising fragrance to combat nasty smells.  It contains no oils and is completely free rinsing, leaving no residue. 
It is completely safe to use on almost any surface including many fabrics, carpets, upholstery and is suitable for use as a pre-wash stain remover on stained clothes.

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